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ALL of your dogs are PRETTY!


Is what I heard from a groomer who came to work for me part time recently. She repeats it regularly and it got me thinking....

Do groomers turn out dogs routinely that are NOT pretty?

I guess I don't understand it, because even a shave or really short haircut can be - and SHOULD be - smooth, neat and well balanced with the head and tail matching the length. The work should be good enough to make the dogs appear pretty.

Nothing has to be done badly and a neatly groomed dog that is clean will be pretty to me. I do not care if it is a ten all over or a long scissored or breed trim. It will be pretty if it is groomed well.

Maybe I am the odd one out but I did not get into this business to send home ugly dogs. That does not mean that clients sometimes do not ask for odd things that we just have to comply with, but my job is to try to make even the oddest request appear "pretty".

I love that she thinks our dogs are pretty and I am thrilled that she enjoys coming to work. I guess I am surprised that other shops she has worked at do not send home pretty dogs.

Just something that got me thinking. Are your dogs pretty?


If they need some help in the pretty department you can do wonders by simply adding a pretty bandanna or bow (or both) to a dog that needs "help" being all that they can be. It might not solve the haircut problems, but it will make YOU feel better about the way they look when they leave. 

A clean, smooth, balanced dog outfitted with the newest accessories will be pretty regardless!

Here is wishing you all pretty dogs.




The truth of the matter is that not only are all your dogs pretty but they are pretty comfortable being there as well!! We all know the looks and calmness stems from great relations with the owners and the pets as well.I have yet to see a dog that just wants to be somewhere else other than where they are... and as for me enjoying working at your shop and with you ~AN UNDERSTATEMENT!~

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