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I am a BAD doggie mommy!

I have let Toto's teeth get away from me. See, he is my heart dog. My shadow. My "go to work everyday with Mom" dog. I cannot stand the thought of not having him with me. I feel totally naked without him with me.

Oh MAN I sound like some of the clients we deal with don't I? I was terrified of being without him so I was bad.

Anyway his dental went off without a hitch. Lost some teeth, but Yorkie/Maltese mixes are not now fr their great teeth anyway, so I expected he would.

That was almost 8 weeks ago. Fast-forward to Wednesday of this week, almost 2 months later.

I was looking at him as he lay in his bed at the shop (in the grooming room across from my table) and his right leg looked "funny". I picked him up and realized it had been shaved……well, I have to say, my bather keeps him bathed and brushed and his is extremely overdue for grooming, so the long hair from his chest was covering his leg. The really funny thing is that the bather said he had not noticed it and my apprentice had not noticed it, and neither did my husband, SO I apparently have a lot of non-observant people around me.


Like I said, he is WAY overdue for grooming, and he will get a haircut next week I SWEAR! But he is bathed at least twice a week and brushed out, so I guess that counts for something….ok….I am just trying to make myself feel better! It isn't working…..

I laughed at myself so hard I couldn't stop for a good long time! I decided then and there that if I, a groomer, and a person so attached to this dog that I feel naked without him did not notice the hair was shaved on his front leg for 8 weeks, that I cannot gert upset with an owner for not noticing something is wrong with their dog. I mean, the small lumps and bumps we see every day that we marvel at the fact the owner did not notice, the huge mats, the holes in the coat…..some things they miss are unforgivable, but the small stuff or the things that develop slowly I cannot say "How did they not see this?".

I am guilty. I missed it. I am a bad doggie mommy.



Chris S

Boy,,that is soooo true! Excellent way to show it!!!

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