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Teddy Bear head Update Number 2

To pluck or not to pluck

That is a question plaguing all of us these days. We used to be told to pluck every single hair in the ear or else a catastrophe would occur. Well, since I started flushing ears and not plucking most of my clients ears have improved tremendously. I rarely see red, irritated ears and by not plucking I am not irritating the ear which can in turn cause more trouble by opening up hair follicles allowing the ear to become infected or causing the dog to scratch at the ears causing injuries.

I remove most of the hair with my small Mini Bravura clipper and a blunt tipped pair of shears. You can see in the video clip how I do it and the result is an ear that even a vet can love (or learn to like) and a dog that is not fighting me and has no ear problems. 

100_1438    100_1439   


As you can see from the photos of the finished ear above and in the video clips, I get a pretty clean ear this way. I feel better and so does the dog. A Win Win!

As with most of my video work, you may have to click on the video to open it in YouTube's viewer to see the entire thing.



sue gardner

Brilliant videos-thanks so much for sharing, I love to see how other groomers work, and pick up tips from you! x

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