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I have seborrhea, and while most of the time it doesn't bother me very much, today it was driving me crazy looking at all of the scaly, itchy skin, and the constant digging at it trying to get some relief from the itching.

I had lotion but as I was looking for it, I had a thought. If it works on dogs.....and I pulled out my sugar and scrubbed my arms for a minute, rinsed and man I am HAPPY! No more itching and the scaling is gone.

I am embarrassed at the way the before photos of my arm look to be honest with you. It has been very dry here and cold, and we are running heaters day in and out. I had to bathe a few dogs this afternoon and it played heck with my skin. I also had been scratching at it big time, and I ran out of my normal body scrub I used and had to use regular soap last night when I showered. All of those things made my arms look like I had some type of skin disease this evening!

I despise lotion, especially when I am working due to the way it attracts hair and causes irritation, so I don't use it often enough. I think the pictures make it look worse than it appeared in person. I hope so anyway! Lotion would not have helped do anything but mask the symptoms, and tomorrow the flakes would be back, looking for more lotion.





So even though I looked awful beforehand, just a spoonful of sugar helped the skin flakes go away! No loofa, no shower pouf, just a bit of sugar on wet skin, scrub, rinse and viola! Smooth skin that even feels as smooth as it looks!

So while some say what's good for the goose....well I say what's good for the dogs is good for me too! At least in this case!


Lisa Snodgrass

Hi Debi,
What’s this with sugar? I have never heard of this. My boy Onyx has horrible skin issues. He is a 15 year old lab mix. I recently started shaving him and his hair has grown back super thick. Which is awesome, but then I tried a Milk bath on him a few weeks ago (instead of the standard oat meal I usually use) and he broke out in hives from head to toe, which turned into scabs and he is now scaly and all the work over the summer to get that coat thicker is gone. His coat is very thin now. His whole body looks like you’re before pic of your arm. Is there a certain mixture that I can use on him? Does it have to sit for a length of time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Lisa from IA

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