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Losing a friend.....

Meet my "everyday" tip  jar:



That ceramic bowl sat on my desktop for several years (except during fall and Christmas) and gladly accepted tips from clients. She was always happy. Smiling. Never complained, even when she would get pushed around by clients sitting their puppies on the desk or her handle got broken off when one of them knocked her to the floor.

She was good for baths and needed minimal care. 

I remember the day I brought her home. She made me smile every day.

Then disaster struck Saturday afternoon.....



It's heartbreaking! I cannot even begin to put her back together again. There are million pieces left in the vacumm cleaner and even though I could probably make her work I decided to let her go.

Its sad really...but.........



These two puppies will be taking her place and they make me smile too! It is going to take some getting used to, not seeing the face I got so accustomed to seeing, but I am sure I will recover. It just takes time. 





Museum putty is your friend!

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