Update to Plunging Necklines
Blending short bodies into heads

New Working with Wet Coat Videos

These are the video clips that I promised those of you that attended my lecture at All American tonight.

I have no idea what went wrong with some of the clips, but here you go! PLUS I added a video you wouldn't have gotten to see. 

This standard poodle was groomed 3 years ago I think and he was a bit dryer than I like them to be, but you can see how bad it was and how easily the hair came off I videotaped this to show the owner how badly matted her dog was since she was arguing with me that he wasn't badly matted.



Here is the wet dematting clip.  

This clip is processing at Youtbe right now. Hopefully it will be ready shortly.

Minnie2 after

The other video clip of the schnauzer that wouldnt play (I think I need a new computer) is not uploading. My computer keeps freezing....so I will work on it when I get home. Check back Next week!


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