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Blending short bodies into heads

I see it a lot in other shop's work and in questions asked online in forums. Apparently people have a hard time blending short bodies into teddy type heads, poodle topknots, Bichons, etc. If there is hair on the body its easier for people I supposed but short bodies seem to be difficult.

I see from other shops and in photos online a body done short then a head as opposed to a body and head that work well together and appear to belong together. You can tell a person doesn't know how to blend it when you have a bowl t ype cut in the back of the head where it meets the neck. Usually this line extends around the entire head, leaving a bowl over the ears and neck and bangs that hang into the dogs eyes.

Its not hard to acomplish blending.

I complete my body work, starting clipping at or slightly behind the occiput. 


Then I take a SS Wahl snapon comb that is slightly longer than the body, so if I am clipping the body with a 7f I use the Blue SS comb. Starting down on the body I come forward towards the top of the head, skimming and floating as needed.


Then I complete my teddy head by switching to a longer comb (usually one or two sizes longer, and coming forward on top, under the ears I go toward the table and then towards the cheeks. On the jawline I go from the jaw towards the mouth. Over the eyes I go from the middle of the face to the ear in each direction. I do a lot of other motions as well to let the blade do the sculpting for me. 


Then I go back with my Flipper curves and scissor out over the eyes by turning the shear with the curve towards the eyes, comb the hair forward and make sure it doesn't fall into the face, then scissor with thinners to neaten.


It's fast and easy.

With poodles you can do the same thing to se the blend line, and I often do it with Bochons that have sh ort bodies as well. I just make sure not to take the top of the head off too short with the combs.

Here is a short video of me doing a head of this type on Willie Nelson, a Malti-Poo with soft soft hair.


Enjoy! Hope this helps you in some way.





what do you mean by an ss comb?

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