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Grooming loop safety


I have been trying to write this post for a month or so and finally gave up and decided to just Video/blog (Vlog) my opinions and tips on grooming loops. It's about a half hour long, but I hope it helps someone out. 

If it saves ONE GROOMER or ONE PET an injury or death it is worth every minute.



This is a groomers NOOSE:



Many groomers have horror stories about grooming loop injuries. 

A friend of Daryl Conner's had an Old chow mix that got upset, went into a biting frenzy and threw itself off the table. They didn't have a safety snap (this was years ago) and as the groomer was struggling to release the dog and/or get her back up on the table, the dog bit her through the hand. Dog was fine, groomer badly injured.

Groomers have had fingers broken in loops. Dogs have had eye injuries, broken necks, strokes and have DIED from loops being used incorrectly or from the wrong type of loop being used.

That is why I felt the need to do this Vlog.

Hope you enjoy!




Great informative video blog debbie. And will definatley implement the under one front leg hold with my grooming loop . Right of the bat I can think of several of my dogs that would be much safer secured that way. Thank you ..

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