Part one of the American Cocker Spaniel pet trim
Schnauzer Grooming 101: The Face

CYA in a big way!!!!

Every day on FB groups I am on groomers are complaining about clients who are accusing the of injuring their dog, or leaving bad reviews on their FB or YELP! pages, community FB pages or numerous other places that consumers go to read reviews and get a feel for a new business before trying them out themselves. More often than not, the pet in question was completely matted or not groomed in a year and there are sores and other health issues that are uncovered during grooming that set the pet owner off and make them think (rightly or wrongly) that we did something to their precious dog or cat.

Usually the groomer is asking for ways to reply to those people who are demanding a boycott of the business, or payment of a vet bill that the groomer is in no way responsible for, or at the very least a refund of the groom price.

I have yet to have this happen to me. I  can tell you my secret if you promise to share it high and wide!

I DOCUMENT< DOCUMENT< and DOCUMENT some more. AND I tell the owners I did it! 

I takes photos. Videos. I send home forms that detail how bad the matting was, what they can expect and attach the photos to that paper (I print them off in house). I also use my shop cell phone to either email or text the photos of before, during and after to the client and in some cases the vet that is going to see the dog after I am done with the groom.

Below are some photos I took the other day of a severely neglected, old poodle.











There is before, during and after, and I have about 20 other photos, some showing the leg casting that was so bad I was scared I would cut this dog.

I was a nervous wreck when we were done with this dog, but my photos ill protect me in the even there is an issue with her ears, skin or eyes after the groom. She also set up a 6 week appointment. It was her Grandmother’s dog and she had been ill, passing away two weeks prior. Yeah, I know. We all hear that all the time. In this case I believe her.

If the owner of this dog had posted anything negative to any ratings source I would be able to simply reply: We apologize for any trouble Fluffy may have had during the grooming process, but when you bring us a dog in this sad condition we do the best we can do and you were forewarned there might be injury to her during the grooming process. Here is the Download AFTER CARE FOR SEVERE MATTING REMOVAL you signed acknowledging that and relieving us of any responsibility.

Once you provide that rebuttal the post will disappear, and if it doesn’t you have stated a case that no sane person can argue with.

I have forms like the one above available for sale on my page at GroomingSmarter. I also have an accident report and numerous other forms that may be helpful to you for your business.

I also take photos of pre existing skin problems like the one below so that we cannot be accused of causing it.






I am fully aware that not everyone has a DSL or a camera on a tripod like I do set up to use at all times, but we do almost ALL have a cell phone and the vast majority of them have a camera and are capable of video. If yours doesn’t this would be a great time to upgrade to one that does before YOU get accused of something that you did not do!

Its not always matted dogs either that have an odd situation may arise. If you see an injury, a lump, redness...even in GOOD CLIENTS document it. Then there is no reason for them or the vet to come back and say you have an issue they were not aware of.

CYA in this litigious world we live in has become a way of life, and unfortunately a lot of folks still don't do it enough. CYA people. Then negative reviews feel like water off a ducks back!