Schnauzer Grooming 101: The Face
Sheltie Comb Clip

Cocker spaniel grooming part two and three combined



I have a couple of different videos on setting lines on a pet groom for an American Cocker Spaniel. They are fairly self explanatory so I am going to let them stand.

The lines are almost the same as a show dog, and remember, the differences between a show dog and a pet is LENGTH amd technique.

Show dogs are carded and stripped and pet dogs are clippered and sometimes carded

I have done this groom in sections on video to make it easier to upload and easier to watch.

I will cover the back, and how to set the shoulders and hips. Then I cover how to do the legs on a Suburban clip and the bevels. 


















Some of these videos have been published in my blog before but they warrant publishing again in this case. I have shown two dogs because both dogs get done similarly yet they are different and have different coats.

I hope you learn something watching these videos. They were fun to make.