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Make it SHINY again!

Many groomers are using the diamond dremel bands rather than sandpaper ones these days and yet hardly anyone thinks about them needing to be cleaned, but they really do need it!

Nail dust, skin cells from yucky nails, dirt and even blood is present on those bands after use and it will build up over time to make the surface smooth not rough and it will make the bit appear to be dull when in fact all it needs is all that gunk cleaned off.

It can be done easily if you do it regularly, like daily or weekly at best, but if you do what I did and forget it can be a bit more tricky.

If you are doing it daily or weekly, you can simply use a stiff toothbrush and soapy water. I run the dremel while soaping it up with the brush and then rinse with hot water. Its easy. You can also take a brass brush and simply brush the bit clean.

If its incredibly "gross" it is going to take more than just a brush and soapy water. For those I suggest soaking in peroxide. I use a brush every half hour or so during the workday to loosen the debris then allow it to soak overnight. In the morning use a stiff brush to remove the remaining debris with ease.

The bit shown below has been in use since September and was so grungy I thought it had grooves in it and it was NOT working at all. NOW?? It sparkles!!!  The grooves were there but they were in the grime and it wasn't working because the grit was covered by the debris. 


I just got a tidbot of news from Jeff Andrews (NorthernTails Sharpening) that if you have an ultrasonic cleaner you can drop the bits in there and they come out great! I don't have one but its good to know for those of you who have one!







Tiny can be perfect for you!!!

 Americans, it would seem, are downsizing everything! Houses, cars,  dog sizes...even businesses are following the trend! 

I want to focus on that trend in a series of blog posts featuring some of my friends who have done just this. Downsized into small, cute, functional spaces.


Let's start with Michelle Perciful's shop, Tiny Paws by Michelle !

Michelle sold a large shop about 2 years ago due to a back injury and the inability to find reliable, consistent grooming help. In fact, she left the industry, but realized she really missed grooming so she started back to working part time for someone and discovered she wasn't cut out to be an employee.  It's hard when you are used to being the one in charge!

A few weeks ago, she messaged me saying she found a retail space where she could groom small dogs for a very reasonable rent but was worried the shop size (130 square feet) and the location (an indoor flea market with kitchy shops) would not work.


We talked and next thing I know she's the owner of a new, tiny shop, catering to dogs under 20 pounds, offering one at a time grooming.

The beachy theme is adorable and suits her personality. 

The grooming room is 10x10 and the lobby area is 6x5. Take a look at what can be done with that space!








As you can see,  small, practical, cute and accessible all add up to the appeal of this tiny shop!! Good luck Michelle!!