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Teddy type (almost Asian style) with vacc system and snap ons

Choosing a chunker

Choosing chunkers can be very confusing, and knowing which ones are best for the job at hand is critical to getting the finish you desire.

First of all its important to realize how chunkers work. 

They are not thinning Shears! Chunkers are texturizers, not blenders or thinners. Mr article Thinners, chunkers and blenders oh my! Explains the differences really well, so take a few moments to read it. I'll wait right here while you do that if you need to. I promise.


Ok. Welcome back!!! 

Now the biggest thing about chunkers is to remember they are almost, almost a straight shear, they just leave a softer, more natural texture to the coat. 

Now , this video is not the best because it's a Facebook live video I did on Grooming Smarter Facebook group. (I do a lot of those, so if you aren't a member yet, friend me on Facebook, shoot me a message and I will add you.) However, the information is still good!



I hope you find this helpful. Next up.. another tiny shop. 




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