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Deana Mazurkiewicz downsized and happiness grew!


Several years ago Deana Mazurkiewicz sold her very large, profitable shop and moved home to a small, 10x20 building and she said "If I had known it would be this nice I would have done it first and skipped the big shop!" Located in Zephyrhills Florida, she is a mom and wife and being in a smaller shop allows her the time to devote to her family she wouldn't have had otherwise. 

Recently she started the Intellectual Groomers Association and having a tiny shop is makingbut easy for her to manage this as well. "It was time to step into the 21st century" she said when we were in New Orleans, and she has made it easier and faster for groomers to get certified. "If I still had the bigger way" she said.





As a top competitive groomer. She won many BIS and Best All Around placements. She had no intention of displaying her trophies until her daughter insisted. "I had my walls blank for the first year plus, I didn't want anything up and then my daughter got upset when my husband was going to throw away stored trophies so I let her pick some to put up. I kept all the frames news paper articles off [the walls] because they all referred to my old shop". 

She saves space using wire racks for her perfume bar, bows, bandanas and styling aids. She has a human "treat bar" as well.


Mostly cage free she does keep a playpen for families with multiple pets.


She says "for those who think they want to go small, DO IT!"