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Don't throw away money!!


Anyone who uses these types of clippers understands the frustration. The blades don't last as long as regular blades and cannot be sharpened by most sharpeners. "The metal is too soft" according to Frank Southall at Southall sharpening (GroomersMall). "They seem like they cut afterwards but they stop almost immediately". 

That being said some sharpeners now say they can sharpen them. Personally I never had any work after sharpening, and if you have, that's great. 

As a result of many failures, many groomers get frustrated and throw them away. Even if you have to replace them with new ones, the cost is not that high when you break it down per dog.  A $25 blade used one 5 dogs a day 5 days a week would be $1 per dog. BUT most of the time we get at least 4 weeks, which makes it TWENTY FIVE CENTS per dog! That is negligible. BUT They can and do last much much longer than that. I have been using the same blade for over 8 weeks and I groom 10-15 dogs a day 5 days a week.

Then, we have all done this too!! Dropped the doggone thing and the tab breaksoff...usually immediately upon putting a new one on the clipper. 

WELL! I have great news for you!    There are sharpeners out there that can refurbish these blades for you!

Watch the video I made and it will fully explain the procedure.



You can get these blades and clippers refurbished at the following locations (among many, these are just the ones I know about personally).


800-PRO-WAHL (1-800-776-9245)

Wahl Customer Service
2900 Locust St
Sterling, IL 61081 


Frank Rowe and Son

Phone: 717-616-8646
Fax: 717-616-8691

26 South Union Street

Middletown, PA 17057


Matthew Yoo      Groomers Best Friend Sharpening


Frank Southall     GroomersMall


Jeff Andrews    Northern Tails


Randy Lowe     Precision Sharp (sharpens)


Please contact each company directly for information on their prices and policies.


If you would like to be added to this list, email me and I will add you.