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A simple hack to protect a HUGE investment

If you paint nails you know the feeling. You are painting away and you drop the brush, or a drop falls off the brush it makes a mess on your tabletop. Usually it's not bad, but it can be an issue. If it's RED it can make me look for blood everytime I see it.

WORST YET you knock over the bottle (then, you have a minor heart attack) and you KNOW you cannot clean that off...

I mean no matter what you do, if your top is pebbled (and most are) it can be darn near impossible to get it off even with professional quality acetone nail polish remover. If you are using dog polish it is basically PAINT and remover won't touch it! Not to mention the hair that seems to cling to every nail and no matter how many coats you do it seems to stick to them making them look sloppy and you angry! (Especially if you do not like painting nails in the first place).

I have a hack to stop this. 

                       PUPPY PADS!


Notice the drop of polish in the corner??? I am using the plastic side of the puppy pad not the absorbent one.


It keeps the nails neat and the tabletop clean.

We use them on our tabletops and after wiping the plastic side with a sanitizing wipe and allowing it to dry, we fold them up, put them away and reuse them until they become too imbedded with hair or too stained to keep using. That makes them very economical.

ESPECIALLY when you consider the cost of a new tabletop. 

She took a few errant steps...No mess on my table!

If you look closely you can see the splatters across the table.


SO something this simple can save you hundreds of dollars and lots of panic attacks over "blood" that turns out to be polish... oh come on! I KNOW You've done it!!!!! 

Have fun next time! It won't make you love painting nails if you despise it but at least you will have less mess to despise!



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