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MY secret weapon for coat care

Shorter between the ears

Yep. That's how this started. A client asked me to take their pomeranian's head shorter between the ears. Made no sense to me but I did what I could. Then. This dog came in the door.


Liz, who is new in my shop, said that she did this by holding the ears back and basically pretending they weren't on the head at all. 


Now, all the classes I have taken. Videos I have watched and dogs I have groomed this never really clicked. That day it did.

I realized it applies to every dog out there you want a really round head on.




As you can tell by looking at the above photos, this works on many different types of dogs. Same technique.


I like the tops of dropcoat dogs head to be shorter on top of the head to prevent the hair from falling forward into their eyes. This is just another nice way to acheive it.

Shorter between the ears...yep! Makes sense now!



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