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I did everything right...


Make a wish. Don't share. My wish?? That you never have this happen to you. 

Yesterday at around 8:20am I was bitten through a cage by a schnauzer mix while hanging his nametag and the tag DOG BITES on his cage. I know this dog. He bites on toenails but I always warn my younger, more inexperienced staff that a dog will bite to keep them hypervigilant.

Little did I know I would be the one injured.

I did everything right.  Running water. Check. Make it bleed. Check. Chlorhexidine scrub. Check. Rabies vaccine current. Well...8 days late. Not a problem. I notice that part of the bite is into the knuckle so I called my doctors office because they have urgent care. I'm in luck!! They're slow. 

I see Melanie (nurse practitioner) and she asks me "why are you here? This isn't bad!!" And she laughed. I said it was in the knuckle so it worried me. She wrote me a script for Augmentin and booked an appointment for her dogs to be groomed. 

I went back to work and theough a "series of unfortunate events " involving the owner of the dog, a few swear words, threats and police reports, I notice my finger is swelling. Ok. No biggee. 

I had my antibiotics in my hands at 11am (along with a yellow Christmas cactus from my pharmacist but that's another story) and go back to work. 

I kept the finger wrapped well all day. Soaked it. Hydromassage. Getting worse. Tighter. Swelling. Tighter. Soaking. Bleeding but just a dab..

Then the bleeding started. And it kept going. I messaged my daughter who is an RN and she said "compression bandage and go back tomorrow ". I did both.

My doctor was busy (so were we) so I went after work. Melanie walked in and said "Why are you here?" And her eyes got big. She was shocked. "Are you sure it wasn't a cat???" Nope. A dog.

I have my hand wrapped.  Elevated.  Enough antibiotics to kill a cow.  My hands still swelling.  My finger is tingling.  My finger next to it is tingling.   My PALM is swelling and it's slightly tingly.  If it's not better by Saturday I have to go to the ER for IV antibiotics. 

Fingers (on my left hand) crossed. I did everything right.  I'm still not safe. Still not sure I won't be admitted to the hospital.  If I hadn't done every single thing right I might be in worse condition. 

Will I rethink doing dogs that bite? Maybe. Maybe not. Will I be more careful.  Maybe. Not sure anything other than not grooming would have prevented this. 

Stay safe.


Top 2 immediately after the bite. Below that, noon, 4 hours later. Below that 3pm and 6pm. 


6pm. 9pm and 11pm.


3pm, 7pm...


Watch this to possibly save a life.



Ok, so you hear more often than we would like about "perfectly healthy" braceaphalic dogs collapsing and dying during baths or nail trims.

The photo above explains clearly what has happened. The soft palate is too long and it swells and falls back to block the throat and closes the airway. It is a birth defect that is common in bulldogs of all shapes and sizes. Pugs, Frenchies, Bostons and even Shih-Tzu have this condition. So do PEOPLE. It is what causes obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.



There is literally a very easy way to open that airway once it has happened and the video below will show you how.



So. Now you are armed with information to save a dog's (or human's) life.