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Table Safety part 2. Loops and Nooses

I started this blog post months ago and never finished it so here we go! Let's get part two finished shall we?

I have covered part of this before, but I feel like it is CRITICAL to cover it again.

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Grooming Cable NOOSE. This will tighten and can choke dogs.
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Grooming Fabric NOOSE can also tighten and choke dogs.
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Groomers fabric LOOP. Does not tighten enough to cut off bloodflow.
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Rear belly strap and neck loop. IDEAL for safety.

There have been several incidents lately in which dogs have had eye injuries as a result of NOOSES being used. The slip lead type loops that get tighter as the dog pulls. This sets off a chain of events. Dog pulls. Noose tightens. Dog pulls more. Noose tightens more. In less than 60 seconds you can have broken eye blood vessels and an injured dog, not to mention an IRATE (JUSTIFIABLY SO) owner.  How did it happen? WELL MAYBE you used the wrong restraint and MAYBE you were not paying close enough attention. Maybe the dog hung it's head so far and so hard it cut off blood flow and you didn't notice, OR just maybe, it happened so fast that the dog flipped out you could not have done anything about it if you tried. 

So, what can you do to make it safer? Watch my VLOG.