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Bite revisited



People were asking me, so here's the updated photos. Still swollen. Still red. Bit finger on left. Other finger on the right. Here's the thing.  I cannot use it.  I can't feel it. I can't pop a soda can and today realized I can't spray a PPP Argan spray bottle. It's aggravating.  Very frustrating.  I can type. But not much of anything else. I can't pit in bows.  I can't pluck ears or handstrip with it. I work around it fairly well.  Sigh... my doctor keeps saying that it may come back and it may not. Only time will tell.

Be safe groomers!!!


Dog groomer brutally attacked



Dog groomer attacked

She didn't do anything to deserve it.  She's dealing with a lot. Another reason to have good, pet grooming oriented insurance!!!! They pay lost wages and in some cases operating costs.

There is a GoFund me account in the article. I usually don't post those. But this situation is not typical.  

Keep your doors locked. Keep yourself safe!!!