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Introducing the NEW Intellectual Groomers Association

Years ago I was having a conversation with Jeff Reynolds and Peggy Harris of National Dog Groomers Association, and while I don't remember how it came u, I remember telling Peggy I wanted her job, then looking at Jeff said "No, actually I want YOUR job but that is not going to happen. Peggy was the certification director for NDGAA and Jeff is the owner. 

WELL I had no idea that this was feasible ever, but life has a way of turning dreams into reality sometimes.  I bought Intellectual Groomers Association from Deana Mazurkiewicz in June of this year.

I am reworking the certification process from the ground up! I want to make it affordable, accessible and POSSIBLE for everyone. Certification should be about education not just about a piece of paper. You should be able to do it easily, at your pace and in your own shop. Many organizations only offer testing at sites or shows. We offer testing online as well as in person at shows or small classroom settings in private shops. Our remote programs can be d one via video, Skype or other video chats. We also have programs to honor your certifications with other organizations! 

Right now we are running two fabulous promotions. One year membership is $75 and through August 31, 2018 that includes the health and safety Certification and the first group of your certification process FOR FREE! That is a $200 value. It also gives me access to the website and paid FB group for one year. A lifetime membership is $299 ( through the end of August) and it includes ALL OF THE TESTING we offer! FOR FREE! YES! You can get your master certification for free when you buy a lifetime membership and it also includes access to the FB page and website. 

Watch the video below for more information on the changes I am making.


After watching the video above, you have decided you want to be part of the revolutionary system we have developed, choose your membership level below and purchase the one that is most applicable for you.

For more information, please email me at

I am super excited about what is to come in the next chapter of my grooming life! PLEASE! Join us for education and certification for the modern age.