Shout out to bathers EVERYWHERE!
The key is in the routine

Grooming Loop Sanitation

Many don't ever think about washing loops and tethers after each dog or at the very least the end of the day, but it is something to consider.

A dog with fleas. Lice. Yeast. Staph. Mite. One that was precut rather than bathed first. They can all pass along unwanted "yuck" to other dogs. 

I have always had my fair share of loops and wash them regularly, especially after icky or dirty dogs, but we now make a habit of washing every single loops, rear loop, Groomers Helper tether and tub restraint every day if they are used.

Below you will find a video on the process and how to make it work easiest for your shop.



Let's face it, in most cases loops are under $5 each and even though my GH loops are more like $10-15 I still have enough to switch out as needed. Most groomers need around 10 to make it possible. 

I use lingerie bags and bra bags to wash them in at the end of the day and Lysol Laundry Sanitizer to sanitize them in the wash.

Lingerie and bra bags are inexpensive enough (Dollar stores carry them) and work great.

This way of not spreading "ick" from one dog to the next may not be something that you think of often but is important!