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Ultrasonic machine and blade care


Today I did a short video on cleaning blades using my ultrasonic machine.  The audio is being interfered with by the sound waves of the machine, but the video still explains the process well.

Start off with a small amount of the cleaner of your choice diluted in water. Add it to the machine, place tools inside and set the timer. It's that easy. I chose Dawn. Any cleaner will work.


You can see the dirt and grime that was on these blades and how well it cleaned up with no work on my end. The Bravura blade was one that had been "lost" in a drawer after use without cleaning after using.  I thought it was rust, but it came off with the ultrasonic machine. 


This is the ultrasonic machine that I have.  You can see how little dawn is needed.

I chose this machine due to the size and the lift out basket.

It has a timer, and you can set it fir the time each job will need. I set it for ten minutes and came back to clean blades.

I don't clean every blade this way  But after dirty dogs, or if there is excessive hair I will use it. My daily alcohol cleaning works for most equipment but extra dirty things can be done in this manner. 

I find for lots of blades this can take too long, and wahing with the bathing system or by hand is faster, but for a few blades here and there it is helpful to have.  Simply drop them in, press the button and go!



Donna Regan

Hey Debbi this cleans rubber zoom grooms too

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