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Nail Rehab



We all have dogs who come in with really long nails. In some cases the nails can be shortened a lot without injury or pain to the dogs. 

I am a firm believer in genetic nail length. Some dogs have longer quicks. Some quicks regrow no matter what you do.  Others, once pushed back, stay back. 

If a dog will cooperate it's easy enough using a dremel to get the nails short. The video below shows you how I do it. 



Adjusting blades

It can happen easily. You drop a blade, get it sharpened or try to get hair out from behind the cutter and the alignment is off. The cutter is crooked and you HAVE to fix it. If you don't, you will get lines., tracking because it is now an injury risk as well. 

I have a short video clip on how to adjust blades when this happens. AND I show you how using the MAC blade cleaning tool can prevent it from happening in the first place (from cleaning at least).