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Slip sliding away???


We all have dogs (or other animals) we are grooming that can't stand up due to physical problems preventing them from being able to stand on slick surfaces (like tile floors). Hip and knee problems can cause it as well as age.

Our professional table tops are textured but sometimes it is not enough. 

The simple inexpensive solution is a mat. Yoga mats work but they pit, rip and scratch making it impossible to sanitize.  Replacement has to be done often. 

What else is there??

Rubber Welcome mats or entrance mats. Easy to clean and disinfect and extremely durable the fronts and backs are non-slip. The dogs literally "stick" and can stand up on their own. 

These mats will make any surface a safe place to work. Counters, washing machines, tailgates...perfect for dog shows, housecall grooming and even in hotel rooms! Easy to transport and takes up virtually no space when traveling. 

It may not stop all slides from happening but it has been very helpful in my salon. 

I have been searching for a solution for a long time, and while  I am certain that some of you already know that this is works, but it's new to me and I am sharing my discovery with you. 




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