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December 2019

Twas the day before the Christmas season ends

I was decorating the toy tree for the last time on December 23rd and it hit me. I was sad.

I was sad for the season being over with. In a way I enjoy the chaos and frenzy the season brings and now it is over.

I am sad for the dogs that did not get groomed, but I am only one groomer and can only do so many.

But then another reason I was sad really hit home and I was not sure how to feel about this:

I was sad for the toys that did not get chosen...did I buy too many? Not groom enough dogs? Were they the wrong toys and no one wanted them?? I don't know the answer, but I  am still somewhat sad I did not get to hand out those toys, so I decided that sharing them here might make me less sad. It might not, but at least the toys will have made someone smile.

Merry Christmas to everyone. May happiness follow in the new year.