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So, now you have your favorite mask. Or, not. But keeping whichever mask you choose clean, well, that's the topic of today's post.

This is this inside filter of my RZ mask. It is an activate charcoal filter and it is, well, past it's best days. 


Hair has worked it's way through the filter to my face. Time to replace it!! I also wash the outer covering separately from anything else in a fresh ultrasonic machine with laundry soap and air dry after rinsing.  


When I take off whichever mask I am wearing I use a small force dryer to clean off any loose hairs, then put it directly into a plastic bag to keep dog hair off. I do not lay it down anywhere because of hair. I can often use the construction masks for 3 or 4 days by doing this and the respirator type up to a week.  

You can also use a rubbermaid type container. 

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for storage and disposal. Airflow can be limited due to incorrect or prolonged use of a "dirty" mask. 

Breathe healthy masks are cute, fabric masks with multilayered protection.  They are nice little masks, but they offer up a host of other problems. First of all, hair sticks to the cotton fabric. Once washed, the fabric can "fuzz" and trap more hair. They MUST be washed by hand, alone, or in an ultrasonic machine. If you toss them in the laundry with towels, this happens:



The photo of the inside of the mask is from one only ever hand washed.  It's still going strong! The other one, well, not so much. My bather was not paying attention.  

If you  have replacement filters for your masks, change them no less than one time per week or more often if you see hair or dirt building up inside. 

A dirty mask is almost no better than nothing at all. 


I am unsure on the use of bandanas or face sheild, tubular bandanas.  They will prevent some hair from being inhaled and they are protective of dust, but I am unable to find any evidence that they are beneficial. 

If you choose to use these, choose slick fabrics,  not fleece, and store sealed,  washing regularly,  by themselves.  

Protect your body before you wish you had!


Julie Rust

The Breathe Healthy masks hurt my ears, it's the little adjustable sliding knob. Especially wearing glasses.

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