Downsizing is scary but Upgrading helps!
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Let this be a lesson to everyone who undercharges or undercuts themselves.

Something funny happens when you have to downsize and start charging what you should in the first place. People get mad and start to call you unstable and insane.

This woman has been rude to everyone in here but me. One time about 4 years ago one of my groomers groomed them while I was out of town and she took photos, sent them to me for analysis to keep her happy. She still complained that they were horrible. crooked, uneven, no one but me ever got them right. When I showed her the photos she said, "WHY did she take pictures of the dogs?" I said "In case you were unhappy". She has been back repeatedly since that date.

We have gone from $35-40 per dog over 4 years.

This time we went to $45 each. She was upset, not at the price, but that we did not tell her at drop off. I explained that I did not SEE IT at drop off and had no way of knowing.

Her total of grooming revenue for 7 years adds up to $28 per month. Let it go is running through my head, but if you can learn from this, then it is worth it.