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Covid-19 and your clients


SO, you are still open? Me too! I am really booked out and no one is missing an appointment. Fans of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy know that those two words are emblazoned in the Guides cover. It has become my motto for the last few months. 

BUT we do owe it to our staff and clients to take preliminary precautions for their safety. not to mention ourselves. This virus, while usually mild like a bad comd or flu, can literally turn lungs into glass globules similar to the Sarcoidosis that I live with, so I am one of the people who has to worry about getting sick. 

But. Don't Panic!

Things we can do:

  • Wash hands and keep wipes and sanitizer on the desk
  • Clean doorknobs
  • Clean credit card machines
  • Mop floors more often
  • Wear gloves when handling dirty dogs
  • Use UV light for sanitizing equipment and air
  • Schedule dogs to come in one at a time rather than in groups
  • Tell clients to cancel  if they or a family member are ill
  • Remote payment options over cash


Washing hands and having sanitizer ready are common sense ideas, and even every regular flu season we should do it more than we do. AND of course, STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE! Easier said than done I know especially the way hair sticks to us. 


Cleaning doorknobs every few minutes at pickup and drop off is a great idea. If you CAN do it in between every client. I have been on top of that myself and I feel better for it. 

Kathryn Simard said she hands clients a sanitizing wipe to use on the doorknpbs going out, inside and outside,  so she doesn't have to be worried.  That's not a bad idea. 

We moved our Square reader to the front of the desk so that we do not have to handle credit cards unless they are swipe cards. We disinfect the reader in between clients when we do the doorknobs. It's easy and fast, It also will put clients at ease, especially older or immunocompromised individuals. Using payment options like Zelle, PayPal, Venmo are also great because there is no contact and no need to go to the bank with cash, I deposit all checks remotely. Handling cash can be the dirtiest thing you touch all day.

I wear an N95 mask at work and gloves when handling dirty dogs. After a bath the dirt and contaminants are gone to a large degree but dirty dogs carry stuff on their coats that you can get sick from. I try to avoid it if at all possible. According to the CDC and Dr Oz, the risk of catching the virus from pets is non existent.  No reason to risk it though since we handle pets in quantity.  Gloves until washed isn't going to hurt.


Staggering client  pickup and drop off will limit their contact with others and that is not a bad idea right now.

Asking clients to stay home if they are sick is a great idea. Many times we force clients to drop off even if they are sick by enforcing no show fees and calling them to find out where they are, so they feel like they have to come in. Right now, i am encouraging you to be lenient on those fees and ask people to stay home if sick.

Almost all viruses and bacteria are sensitive to UV light. I use UV lighting every day at the end of the day to sanitize my shop. I also have a UV light in my HVAC unit. If you do not have one, consider getting it installed. It can make your shop a safer and healthier place. 

By making a statement on your FB page or website explaining what you are doing to protect the clients and staff you will create a level of comfort that can only be good for  business. 


This was done by Katie Phm for sharing.

I am posting the following blurb and if you want to use it, please, copy and paste it. Edit it. Embrace it. BUT do not panic. This too shall pass. 


We at A Cut Above take your health and safety seriously. We wanted to tell you what we are doing to protect you. We will remain open as long as possible to serve you. We realize that if you are home and your dog needs us, we want to help. We are doing in depth cleaning every day and in between every dog. We always have. We always will. We use UV light and hospital grade disinfectants to protect against all bacteria and viruses. We do this year round but have added a few extra wipe downs of credit card machines and doorknobs to ensure safety. We are offering extra payment options at this time including Venmo, Zelle and payments over the phone. We are asking that if you are ill PLEASE take time to feel better. Call us and we will reschedule your appointment, waiving no show fees.  I appreciate your business and we are looking out for you!


All in all, do what you feel is best for you and ypur clients.  If you need to close, are ordered to close,  then stay home. But if you are like me, and need to work or you will be going crazy, take precautions.  Be safe. This too shall pass.