Quality vs Speed

I hear it all the time. "Can't have both quality and speed".

Really? Yes you can. It's technique.  Routine. Equipment.  Mindset.

First??? Equipment.  Buy the best dryers, bathing systems,  clippers, shears, vac systems. Skimping on these will slow you down. 

Second??? Routine. I do every dog the same way everytime (well, most everytime). Batge. Dry. Pads, belly, butt, inside ears, corner of eyes. Body. Legs. Feet, face, head, ears and finish with nails, touching up feet. 

Technique??? Dematting,  bathing tricks, drying tips, clipper techniques,  snapon usage, deshedding in the tub and while drying...all of those things contribute to speed. 

Mindset??? May be the most important thing to speed. You have to "believe " "think you can" "focus". And I agree not everyone is fast. Some people work fast by nature, others don't. My speed is 100mph while I have a groomer who runs at 50mph. I can do 2-3 dogs to her 1. 

Here are a few videos to show you some of my grooming you may not have seen. 







Groom one for California

Teri Becker DiMarino is conducting a fund raiser for California groomers who have lost homes, businesses or in some cases BOTH during the Fires in California that are ongoing.

All proceeds will go to those in need. The Ca Groomers Association is a 501-c-3 organization.

Groom one dog, donate those proceeds to the link below and you can make a huge difference. Save the photo and share it wide!

Groom one for California

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