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Tie ups made easy!!

Putting tie ups in pets can be tricky and many groomers struggle with it on a regular basis. I have pets of my own with tie ups and have for years, so to me they are second nature. 

This video shows you how to do what I call pet tie ups easily and quickly.


This is not designed to show you how to do show tie ups!! If you are showing hour dog, please consult a handler or breeder for information on your individual breed.


Sheltie Comb Clip

There are a lot of people in this industry that do not agree with shaving double-coated, or what they refer to as fur bearing dogs.

I do not want to get into that debate, but this is Tiger and she has been being clipped shorter her entire life. Her dad is disabled and cannot brush like he should, and she likes to swim in the pool. SO we settled for a shorter trim that suits their lifestyle.

I generally speaking just tighten her up all over with chunkers but this time she was more matted than normal so we decided to go shorter and I was really happy with the results.

She was bathed in Stazko, deep conditioned using Natures Specialties Aloe Remo, and fully blown dry with my K9II, directionally drying her to fluff the caot well and remove as much undercoat as possible. Afterwards, a full deshed was done on her using a fine toothed comb and a an Andis Power Deshedder. It is CRITICAL to do this prior to cutting a double caoted dog to ensure a good finish.

I used my Wahl Bravura set on a 40 and an A comb. THE KEY to making it work is to follow the way the hair grows I had the comb against the skin except where the body sinks in, like the was it lie, and there I skimmed to keep the shape I wanted. Then I went back with Chunkers to shape her slightly at the tuck up area (underneath) and I went back after I took these photos and added some angulation in the rear. She is really straight in the rear so it was hard to do.

I think the photos explain what I did pretty well! If you click on the photos they oprn up in larger format.







Up close view of the coat to show how smooth it looks.




 Total groom time including bath and dry was 1 hour 15 minutes, and would have been less if she has not been matted in the rear end.

Hope this helps!