In the Pink

Sometimes I like to dye Flirt, my toy poodle, some color other than her natural white. Technically she is a cream, but she looks pretty white if you just glance at her. In the past she's been deep orange for Halloween, purple, pink, blue, and more. Since she is small, dyeing her coat is not a huge project, but it's still messy and time consuming.

So, when I read that OPAWZ had come out with a tinting shampoo, you can bet I wasted no time in ordering some. It came out of the bottle PINK in capital letters. Flirt's "brother," Bravo had to give her a good sniff to see if it was still her under all that hot pinkness.


I got her wet, coated her in the shampoo, and set the timer for 10 minutes. Flirt pouted a little. When I began to rinse most of the HOT pink went down the drain, leaving a very soft bubble gum pink tint to her fur. The dye took best on the longer parts of her coat, (where it is doubtless more damaged.) The resulting tone is quite pleasing.


If you have an interest in dabbling with coloring dogs, this is an easy and inexpensive way to give it a whirl. The shampoo comes in several colors. It left her coat texture feeling nice, and has a light, pleasant, fragrance. I recommend wearing gloves to apply, it will stain your skin for a few days after using.


Bravo checked back in on the finished product to see how Flirt was doing. He found her to be "in the pink!" Flirt is all in favor of anything that gets her more attention, and so far she's been met with squeals of glee from everyone she meets. She's happy.

You can order this product at

Resolutions of the healthy variety...

I'm not big on New Years resolutions, but I am instituting some new habits, starting this month. I am using better quality ear plugs when I use my high velocity dryers, and I am finally doing something about filtering out the particles of hair, dirt, dust and dander that we groomers are exposed to. 

I started with the ear plugs about 10 or so years ago. Recently I read about a type of ear plug that filters out the higher decibels, but lets lower range sounds in. That sounded too good to be true, but I bought two sets, one for me, and one for my employee, who happens to be my beloved daughter. I have added interest in keeping her hearing intact, so that when I am old and sickly I can call for her and she will hear me!  The ear plugs have been a success. They are more comfortable than the foam ones I've been using, and I can actually talk on the phone with them in, listen to the radio, have a normal conversation. They cost around $20. a pair, pricier than the box of foam plugs, but I think they are well worth it. The brand I chose are called Ear Peace. They come with three different filters, so you can choose which works best for you.  You can find them here:

Now about the breathing filter. I've tried SO many different things. I know it is important for groomers to minimize the stuff we inhale as we work, but I find masks to be annoying. They hook around my ears and are uncomfortable. Or they have a strap behind my head and it is too tight or too loose and messes up my hair. Worst of all, because I wear eye glasses, when I wear a mask my breath fogs up my lenses. Maddening!  I read in a grooming forum that one groomer wears face shields. I've only ever seen people wear these when they ride motorcycles, but the idea was intriguing. The company I bought mine from had a deal, buy one, get three free.  I think I only had to spend $20, and that seemed like a small price to try something new. We've only been using them for a week, but here is what we like so far. We can wear them around our necks when not in use. This means they are not lying around getting hairy. They are lightweight, easy to breath through, and they don't make our glasses steam up. Besides, they make us look like grooming gangstas'! 


Here is a picture of us when we are not blow drying or buffing nails. 

Masked groomersThe face shields just sit on our necks. They are soft and comfy, and look ok with our black uniforms. They come in many, many colors, though, lots to choose from. We got ours at 

Your hearing and your lungs... important things that all groomers should be protecting. Will this be the year you start taking better care of you?