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When you need a little magic...

Meet Bounty. 


He is a Coton du Tulear. Whoever decided that creating a breed of dog with this coat texture was a good idea is no friend of mine.  Bounty is a dandy little guy, but that hair!  He gets groomed every two weeks and is brushed at home, yet he is always tangled.  The tangles vary in degree, from a few minor snags to fist sized clumps of horror all over.  What's a groomer to do?

After years of experimenting, this is what I have come up. It works so well I don't bang my head on the wall when I see that Bounty is on the calendar. 

  1. I bathe the dog with Best Shot Ultra Max shampoo.  Twice. The coat is easier to de-tangle when it is perfectly clean. 
  2. If the tangles are not too severe, I use Show Seasons Results Rinse after that bath.  
  3. If the tangles are horrible, I use Best Shot conditioner. 
  4. I rinse well, and wrap the dog in a thirsty towel.  Once that towel is damp, I wrap in a dry towel.  
  5. Any tangles are gently rubbed with Eqyss Survivor. 
  6. I spritz the rest of the coat with Best Shot Ultra Vitalizing Mist.
  7. With my high velocity driver on low, I gently and carefully dry the coat completely.  Using the dryer on a higher speed can cause the long coat to whip around and create more tangles.  
  8. Once the coat is dry, I line brush with a slicker brush, removing every mat with the brush.  I follow this with a medium tooth comb to make sure I didn't miss anything.  Then I follow that with a fine tooth comb.  

Following this procedure I can get this dog clean, dry and perfectly brushed in one hour. I know for a fact that if I were not using detangling products I could not achieve these results as quickly, as well, or without significant coat damage.  Remember, damaged coats become matted more easily, and make future grooms increasingly difficult. 

I hear groomers complain about the cost of specialty products, and I do not understand it. The time saved and excellent results achieved make investing in products designed to achieve certain results more than worth while.  



Yesterday I groomed an elderly Norwich terrier. I have known this dog since he was a pup, and he is a wonderful little guy.  However, he can no longer tolerate being dried by a high velocity dryer.  So I had to get a little creative.  After he was bathed, I toweled him dry as well as I could.  Then I brushed him with a slicker brush to open the coat.  I spritzed him with some Show Seasons Speed Dry, and rubbed in it his fur.  As I worked on him I noticed that the morning sun was slanting in through the window. I laid a towel in the sunny spot, wrapped the old guy up in another warm towel and set him down. 



Because he is a sensible boy, he snuggled right in and took a nap.  He even snored.  I groomed his housemates, and by the time they were done he was warm and dry snuggled up in his cozy spot.  I hated to wake him to groom him, but it had to be done. 

Sometimes we groomers have to be innovative in the way we approach our work. To me this is one of the things that makes our jobs interesting and fun.