The things customers hear...
Why you need to go to a grooming show this year...

Fun makeover...

There are some grooms that are just more fun than others.  

Here is one I enjoyed a lot.  Her name is Cricket and it was her first groom with me, the second groom of her young life.  While dropping off her owner said, "I didn't like the last haircut at ALL."  I was all eyes for the scruffy little dog in my arms, and only after her owner left did I kick myself, hard.  WHAT didn't she like about that last groom?  It sure would have helped me to know.  I had already plotted out what I wanted to do with this pups hair, and never thought to inquire. My instructions were, "I'd like her short, it's getting warm and ticks are out." 



After a bath in Best Shot shampoo and a finish with Show Seasons Results Rinse, Cricket got a light brushing to open her coat and distribute some Quick Dry.  Then I used a HV dryer to get her dry and blow out some dead coat.  I trimmed and buffed her nails, brushed and combed her, then used a Wahl #2 comb combined with my beloved Clipper Vac to give her a short, uniform, neat, all over clip.  In colder weather I think I might do a modified terrier trim on her, leaving her legs fuller and blending them in well to a shorter jacket.  Her tail is a lovely plume, so I just barely trimmed the thin ends, leaving it full.  Those long ears and heavy facial furnishings made her look old, I thought, so I took her ears down to the same length as her body coat and then used an O comb on my trimmer to shape up her face. A little work with some chunkers to blend in her cheeks and even up her muzzle and I thought she was good to go.  


She posed like a champ for her photo session... 

IMG_2818When her owner returned she was most pleased with the results.  I said, "I realized after you left that I should have asked what you were unhappy with about the last groom."  "It just looked bad," she said.  So, I guess that wouldn't have given me much information to work from!  

I hope Cricket will be back. I had a blast with this little makeover.  




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