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Time for a price hike..?

Experts in our industry, who are far more business savvy than I am,  strongly suggest that we raise our grooming rates by a small amount each year. I struggle with this. I dislike the potential for confrontation or unhappiness when I raise my rates, so I tend to put it off.  Before I know it, several years have passed, and I need to raise my rates by a fairly large amount to keep up with the increase in my supplies, insurance, and general costs of running a business.  And then I hear a lot of complaints.

I have to remind myself that people are far less to quibble about a change of $1-3 dollars than they are a larger bump. Where I live, in fairly rural Maine, our summers are by far the busiest time of year.  I take this time, (usually in June) to increase rates for new customers and  inform my regular customers that there will be a nominal new charge at their next visit.  This year I raised my rates $3. And I fretted.

Here is an example of how it's been going so far.  Mrs. T brought adorable Buddy in last week.  Writing her check she asked, "How much is it? I can never remember."  I said, "It is $__, but we are having a small increase and next time it will be $__."  She wrote her check, added a nice tip and said, "You are worth every penny."   IMG_6519
That is how it has gone with almost every customer. Except one, who makes a hobby out of complaining about everything. I just smile and stay quiet, and she keeps coming back.

Now, this being said, I do have what I secretly refer to as my, "little old lady on a fixed income" price.  That price has not budged in years, and in fact, sometimes I don't charge at all. I can do that, because it's my business, and once in a while it's fun to make someones day by saying, "Fluffie's haircut is on us today!" 

I digress.  Have you raised your rates recently?  If not, you should consider doing so. I know that my cost of doing business goes up each year, and I work hard and deserve to make a decent hourly wage. You do, too.