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Product review...

I recently tried a new product.  

MattI have developed a small addiction to it, and have several bottles stashed so I make sure I don't run out. I've talked customers into buying it, and introduced people at a recent seminar I taught to its wonders.  Matt-X, made by Artero, is a groomers "must have," in my opinion. 

There are lots of excellent dematting sprays on the market now, so what's the big deal about Matt-X? 

  • The bottle is nicely shaped, and easy to grab, hold and use. 
  • The scent is light, inoffensive, and dissipates quickly. 
  • Spray away, there is no greasy residue left behind. 
  • The applicator delivers a fine, even mist. 

These are all good things. But the real reason I am such a fan of this product is because it works like magic. 

IMG_2473The above image is a poodles tail. The owner likes the hair left LONG and wild. They don't brush between visits. I always have to work on this tail for a bit to get the tangles out. On the last visit I got the hair partially dried, then spayed well with Matt-X, brushed lightly and finished drying. Using a good slicker brush I had the entire thing totally mat free in less than two minutes. Two, easy, pain free, minutes.  

I am finding that I use this product on almost every dog, and I am simply delighted to have discovered it. I buy mine at