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It's been more than a year ago that I got the call. "Hi, I have a Glen of Imaal terrier, and am planning to show him. I'd like to make an appointment to have you groom him."  Well, all sorts of alarm bells went off in my head. I told her I had no experience with the breed, (in fact, I'd never even met one!) I told her I am a pet groomer, not a show groomer.  She was undeterred. We made the appointment, and I started doing some research. Thankfully, there is so much information available on line now, I was able to get a pretty good grasp of what I needed to do. I also reached out to a groomer who is a well known terrier expert, and she kindly gave me some very helpful advice. 

This breed is not very tall, but they have big bones and are very muscular. A lot of dog in a not-very-big package. And the coat is different than other terriers.  It's been a learning curve for me to work on him. And I've enjoyed every second.

The first groom we did a lot of dematting. The owner stayed to watch, and we talked to her about proper grooming tools, and gave her some other tricks and tips. She listened and followed our advice.  The dog was young, with puppy coat, so he was a work in progress. 

At one point the owner had a top handler from the breed talk to me on the phone. She was amazingly helpful and kind. Each time we groomed the dog he looked better.  And then we received a review on our business page that the Glen had finished his championship. We were thrilled.

He came in last week, looking rather disreputable after playing hard at doggy day care. He had a bath, blow dry, brush out, and then an hour and a half or so of stripping and trimming.  I have to say, he looked pretty terrific when he was done. And you know what? I was proud.  He is going to more shows in April, seeking his Grand Championship.




He is one of those dogs that gets kind of squirrely when a camera comes out, so these are not the best pictures.   However, his coat has come in beautifully as he has matured, and his owner and handler are happy with his appearance.

Fergus 2
So, what's the point? I had absolutely no idea how to groom this breed when I was first contacted. But I was able to do some home work, and work with a wonderful pet owner, and learn a lot. I may never have another chance to groom this breed, but doing it this time was a delicious challenge. It is a delight to see this dog succeed in his show career.  I can't wait to see what's next.

So, if someone wants you to groom a dog you are not familiar with, you have two choices. You can refuse, or you can tackle the challenge and see what there is to learn. Be honest about your experience and open yourself up to being educated. These are the kinds of challenges that make our work fun, interesting and rewarding. 




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Jisu Kim

Great story for a new challenge.
As you know, there are tons for new challenges through out the world.
but people tend to avoid the new things. Just want to do simple and something they got used to it.
Here's the thing.
when you break the challenge, you'll be developed more than before. Definitely.
Anyways good for you.!
there's a quote I just know. when you did something new if you succeeded it you would say
memory and if you failed it, you would say experience.

good groomer anyway :)

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