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Winding Down 2009

Another year has come and gone for trade shows.  We are such a small family and look forward to seeing each other at all the shows.  Some of my very best friends live hundreds of miles away and I only get to see them at shows.  We talk on a weekly, sometimes daily basis and when we finally get to see each other, while months have passed, it is like we just saw each other yesterday. 

This fall ended the year with a bang with several back to back shows.  It started in September with Groom Expo in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Hershey is always an exciting show.  It is very hard to walk by all the chocolate filled fountains but you just have to think about your hips and keep walking!  Hershey always brings a great crowd, especially all the groomers from  It's so nice to finally put faces to names.  I was a little under the weather after flying in and out of Vegas from Superzoo within 48 hours to get to Hershey.  I had terrible bronchitis and just about made it through the show.

From Hershey Pennsylvania we were off to sunny Orlando Florida with National Dog Groomers of America.  I had a huge crowd in my scissoring/thinning shear all day program which was a lot of fun.  It was so nice to see new groomers as well as long time groomers learn about shears and technique.  Thanks so much to Lindsey Berry for supplying me with some awesome dogs for the program.  I worked for Andis the rest of the weekend and did demos in the booth with Murphy (LOL) the Bichon.  He was such a great dog and a real  crowd pleaser.  The show was on Halloween weekend and Jeff had a halloween party that was a blast.  The weather couldn't be more beautiful.  Dave and I spent the next four days after the show in Siesta Keys thanks to a local groomer who gave me the hot tip of where to go.  We basked in the sun during the day and ate dinner on the beach at night.  It was so relaxing. 

From sunny Florida I was off to chilly Canadagrooms in Toronto.  Pet Supply House has a fabulous show every year.  I really look forward to seeing all my Canadian friends.  On Sunday when the show came to a close at 5:00 we had a cocktail party with hordourves and wine in the trade show.  It was the perfect end to a busy first day!  The Canadians are always so appreciative and thirsty for knowledge.  I just love them as their enthusiasm is so contagious. 

No sooner did I get home from Canada when I already started getting calls and emails from show managers for next year!  Wow, they never rest!  Always planning for their next show.

Trying to wind down from the shows only brings me to the holiday rush at home.  No sooner did I turn around and Thanksgiving was upon me.  I try really hard to keep my client's on their regular schedule so I don't get far so good! 

The DVD business is booming as always.  I try to do my best to get orders out in a timely fashion and return emails as soon as I can.  Thank you all for your patience.  The winter months are approaching.  It is the best time to catch up on your skills with popcorn and a movie!

We have a great holiday special this year, Buy 3 Get 1 Free so don't forget to place your orders before the 17th if you would like your orders for the Holiday.

To end the year we have developed a payment plan to help groomers be able to afford my Instructional Series.   Three $200 payments plus one $25 sh/h charge...take up to 6 months to pay!  Email me for details. 

A payment plan is now available on my thinning shears; Three payments of $200 plus $25 sh/h.....take up to 6 months to pay!  Email me for details.

We have had so many people take advantage of this offer.  I am so happy to be able to help groomers become their best!

Thank you all for all your kind words on  I appreciate all your support. 

Keep checking my website as I have so many exciting things going on for 2010 starting with a bunch of new releases coming out in January/February.

Happy Holiday!  Be safe!




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