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  • Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG is a speaker, director and instructor and founder of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America.

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Not sure as to why you think some would be offended by this...? Sounds like good information to me. Thank you.

Lorie Hebert

I don't think it's offensive either!I got to explain some of this the other day and now I have a matted Maine Coom coming in a few hours!!


Thank you Danelle.

We need more advocates for cats.

You would be surprised. Some people just want to do it the way they learned and are not open to new things. This includes other groomers and some Vet's. One vet was amazed at what a CFMG can do to make a cat that was pelted clean, comfortable & yes beautiful. Plus the fact that I am trained and I can do it without sedation. Poor kitty was so grateful! She comes regularly now.

So this needs to be repeated often. It's not a crime to learn something new. The crime is in not learning or refusing to learn.

patti berzon

i absolutely CANNOT believe that people i think have "animal smarts" say that cats do not need to be bathed. it leaves me speechless, and FURIOUS. i honestly do not even know how to respond, it is so ignorant of them. one of them is my boss who actually bathes cats, and has NO BUSINESS doing so.. she does everything wrong...i cant even watch....and it is a miracle she has not killed one yet.

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