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  • Melissa Francisco is an award wining groomer and the owner of TransFURmations Mobile Pet Spa located in upstate New York. She began her grooming career in 1995 while attending college and found that grooming was her true calling. During her career she ran salons for a corporate store, a veterinarian, a privately owned salon, and now her own mobile. Her passion for animals has led to a career she truly loves. She is a member of the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America and enjoys her kitty clients as much as her canine ones. Because caring for the animals is what this profession is truly all about, she is most proud of her “Compassionate Groomer Award” that she received at her first ever competition in 2001. She is a wife and mother of two young children and pet parent of four dogs and two cats.

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 Jane bates

Over the years I have allowed people to stay too. I have not developed friendships like yours however but they trust me and do see it is like you said, not just a bath or a shve down and yes, many are impressed at how and what we do. I have developed friendships with clients who do not watch as well.In fact, the lady who drove me two days in a row to and from m y cataract surgeries is such a client. I also have another friend as a result of grooming her dogs. She had one, got a LH Chihuahua and then her sisters' when she died. Now she has three dogs I see and talk to her in between about many topics. We are close in age and similar lives now living alone with just our dogs.I do not always keep business separate from friendships. Each client is different and if they want to be friends you will know by how they communicate with you from the beginning.

Eika Haas, CVT, NCMG

I have a few clients that stay every time & some that only stay the first time. I agree, overall, that those who stay have more appreciation for what we do and are surprised about what actually goes into a groom. I am happy to let people stay, I have nothing to hide and use it as a teaching moment. :)

Andrea B

I love my owners that stay! Like you mentioned, they understand and appreciate what I do more than any other customer and tips and referrata usually reflect that :) I do make it clear that I will do whatever is in the dog's best interest, and if necessary I won't hesitate asking them to step out. I'm still early in my career but I'm looking forward to the lifelong relationships between me and my customers! Great article, thanks Melissa!

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