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First Aid Kit for Hikers

While hiking through the woods or playing at a dog park, you do not want to haul around a suitcase for your possible first aid needs. You need something that will fit in a fanny pack or camera case. Before you start out, it's always a good idea to do a snout to tail assesment. It will establish a baseline for when you return from your walk. It will also determine if there are any injuries that might be exacerbated by strenous activity. You should do the same on your return to check for ticks, burrs, insidious foxtails and any injuries sustained during your outing that may have gone unnoticed.

Since we have limited space, we do want some of these items to do double duty.

1.Roll of gauze or vet wrap.

2.Gauze pads.

3.Extra bandanas. They can used to splint fractures or as a sling to help walk out an injured pet.

4.Sterile eye wash in a sealed bottle. This can be used for eye irritants and to flush out a wound. Always remember that bottled water is not sterile.

5.Hydrogen peroxide in a travel size sealed bottle. It can be used to induce vomiting.

Unsealed bottles have a way of becoming empty bottles.

6. Novalsan to clean out wounds.

7. A photo of you and your dog. It will establish ownership should you become separated from your dog and someone else finds him. A well identified dog that has become lost has a better chance of coming home.

8.Liquid gel benadryl and a safety pin. The fastest way to get an antihistamine into your dogs system in case of an allergic reaction or anaphylatic shock, is to poke a hole into the liquid caps and squirt it directly onto the tongue.

9.A plastic card to flick out stingers. Using a tweezer will only inject more poison into your dog.

10.Antibiotic cream

11. Bandaids for you.

12. Fold up water container. They should be able to drink water to prevent dehydration. They are available as small as a credit card.

13. Constricting band. This is important if you are hiking in an area with poisonous snakes.

14.Puplight. This is a LED lighted collar as strong as a flashlight. It will enable you to see during dusk/dawn walks.It will also make your dog more visible.

Happy hiking and remember not to overdo it for either of you.


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