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Pet First Aid Kits Ver.2.0

Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month and Pet Tech is its proud sponsor. Our goal is to inform and educate pet professionals as well as the pet owner about the importance of learning the skills and techniques of pet first aid.

Written materials and videos alone are not a pet first aid class. To learn these life saving skills, you must take a pet first aid and CPR course taught by a properly trained instructor. Pet first aid and CPR is best learned through lecture, demonstration and hands-on skills practice. A proper training course should cover the following: bleeding and shock, restraining and muzzling, primary pet assessment, rescue breathing, CPR, heat and cold injuries, fracture and limb injuries, insect bite and sting, snakebite, seizures, first aid and emergency preparedness kits, poisoning and poisonous substances, choking and snout to tail assessments. A better seminar will also advocate and address a healthy pet lifestyle. This includes dental care and how to provide that optimally healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it should also stress the importance of both when to seek veterinary care and of establishing a relationship with your vet.

Pet first aid is exactly what it sounds like. The first aid your pet receives when injured. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, 25% more pets could have been saved if only ONE pet first aid technique was applied prior to veterinarian treatment. Proper first aid can mean the difference between life and death, between a short recovery and a long recuperation and between short and long term disability. Remember, preventable accidents are the number one cause of death of pre-senior dogs and cats.

For all our pets do for us, shouldn't we be prepared to help them in an emergency?




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