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November 2009

Happy's Hoodie

Happy was an elderly, long haired dachshund and client of Tracy Carmean and Toni Vernetti. Happy loved grooming, but when it came time to dry him he became frightened and agitated. He is not alone in this predicament. It happens to many pets. Some pets become so frightened of the HV dryers that it induces a seizure. This seizure is usually characterized by uncontrollable barking, peeing and or pooping. It broke Tracy’s and Toni’s heart to see Happy so unhappy. He was such a good boy. Surely there was something they could do to ease his pain as well as the pain of others in his situation.

They wrapped a towel around his head. (The Happy Wrap)It worked well, but it wouldn’t stay in place. In addition, it was too cumbersome to dry with one hand and hold the towel in place with the other. It was the start, though. Tracy and Toni spent countless hours on it. In the end they developed a stretchy band with absorbent properties and tested it in their shop for more than a year. Once again, Happy was a happy boy. This made Tracy and Toni very happy indeed. Tracy remembers “We want to thank Happy for his contribution to the creation of the Happy Hoodie. He has since gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace my little friend. You are loved and missed.”

Why is it important to use the Hoodie? Preliminary studies done by Barbara Bird on decibel ratings of HV dryers indicate they can create air noise that exceeds 100db. OSHA has designated 90db as capable of causing hearing loss. Dogs and cats have far more sensitive hearing than we do. The Hoodie also protects the ear drums from force damage caused by HV dryers. I prefer using the Happy Hoodie when grooming cats instead of a face muzzle. Since I can see their eyes, I have a better handle on their stress level. When used as a snood, it also offers me better bite protection than the face muzzle. I personally use them on every pet in my salon. It has resulted in a calmer, less stressful working environment for all.

In order to get the best results, our lovely model Ricky will demonstrate for us.

1.    Start with a clean, unused Happy Hoodie.SDC10862

2.    Place it over the head and past the ears.SDC10863

3.    Pull the Hoodie back over the ears.SDC10865

4.    Make sure the ear flaps are covering the ears.

5.    Adjust the width if necessary.SDC10866

Because of Happy, the quality of many pets’ lives in the grooming environment has improved dramatically. Every time I use the Happy Hoodie, I will always think of that good boy and the two groomers who loved him.