Why should you take a pet first aid class?

Intergroom 2010 by Ricky

Mom was very tired and asked me to post photos of Intergroom. I had a great time, everybody was so happy to see me except for the poodles. What is up with them? They turn their noses up at me.

SDC11104 This is me with World Famous Ellen Ehrlich, author of Go Mobile and Succeed.

SDC11106 Jody Murphy picked ME for her class on Sunday.

SDC11114 Jorge is so funny!

SDC11124 Barbara Bird doesn't take pictures with just anybody. She told me I was special.

SDC11127 OMG, it's Sue!!!!!

SDC11108 SDC11110 SDC11113 SDC11118 SDC11111
These are some of my students.

While I was very tired myself at the end of the day, I was glad my mom took me. 


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