Testimonial for the Pet Tech PetSaver Program from a Pet Professional
Groomers and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Pet Tech PetSaver and 3 day Instructor training in Rockport, Maine.

We're going to Rockport! Daryl Connor was so kind as to offer up Rockport for us. We will be there on Sunday, July 11th for the eight hour PetSaver Program. This is a comprehensive hands-on program that was designed for the pet professional as well as the pet owner. Everyone will have their own stuffed dog to work on.The topics include healthy living, priorities and concerns of emergencies, rescue breathing, CPR, choking, bleeding, shock and fractures, poisoning, heat and cold injuries, snout to tail assessments,  first aid and emergency preparedness kits and dental care.

The cost is $150pp and includes two handbooks. 

The 3 day Instructor begins with the eight hour PetSaver Program followed by an extra hour after class. Day Two is marketing, teaching techniques and a round robin. Day Three is class presentations.

The cost is $1495 and includes 10 handbooks.

For more information or to register contact me at 203-746-9569.


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