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Alternative Solutions to Knowing When To Say No: Towel Togs

Bailey is a Labrabor Retriever, who at the age of five was adopted by Inge Bonfoey. Inge was Bailey’s fifth mom. Like most labs, Bailey’s mission in life was to spend as much time in the lake as possible followed by an equal amount of time following Inge around the house while wet. It resulted in an enormous amount of cleaning and laundry for Inge.


Towel Togs™ is Inge’s solution for dealing with a wet dog. It is absorbant microfiber snug robe fitted for a dog. You can use it home anytime your pet becomes wet from rain, snow or swimming, but that’s not the reason I like it. I see it as an alternative to sending home a wet dog from either a grooming shop or mobile groomer. 


There are some dogs that you simply cannot dry. They become too agitated by the noise of the dryers. They are at risk for a dryer induced seizure or heart attack. The snug fit of the Towel Togs™ helps calm an already agitated dog. 

  SDC11501 SDC11503

I plan to send clients to her webite at to purchase their own, but Inge offers wholesale prices to those that are inclined to stock them in their shops.  I used it on my own Golden Retriever, Ricky. He was dry in about an hour and not traumatized by my High Velocity dryer as he would normally be.


This is a great product that solves one of my grooming dilemnas. Thank you Inge and Bailey! 


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