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Lambie and The Groomers Helper!

I wasn’t always a fan of the Groomers Helper®. That is until I met Lambie. Lambie is a two year old male Lhasa found wondering the streets and adopted by one of my long time clients. He was a replacement for Saint Bennie. A lovely, well behaved toy poodle who passed away several months before. I loved Bennie, he was such a good boy. Lambie is wonderful to his Mom. She gets all the kisses and I get all the teeth. Boy do I miss Bennie. The question becomes how do I safely groom him. By safely, I mean to include myself. My hands are my livlihood. If I’m bit, then I can’t work. So, I dusted off my Groomers Helper® and put it to work.


What is the Groomers Helper®?


Chuck Simons was tired of watching his wife, Beth struggle and get bit by unruly dogs in her grooming shop. He ordered an AlphaLock. It was designed by Dr. R.K. Anderson for use with a Gentle Leader Harness. Chuck adapted it to work with the grooming loops. It was so successful, that in 2000 he bought the remaining stock of AlphaLocks and the exclusive right to manufacturer them. He redesigned them to suit groomers. It allows for  humanely keeping dogs in place. They can no longer back, walk or fall off of a grooming table. His staff renamed it the Groomers Helper® Pet Safety and Positioning System. 


It keeps Lambie still enough and on the table so that I can clip down his body, do his nails, ears and feet as well as work around the muzzle on his face. All without me getting bit or Lambie getting hurt. I most certaintly will not win any grooming competitions when I’m done, but he’s clean and neat. Except for the lopsided Fu Manchu looks he’s got going on after I take his muzzle off.

  Lambie, groomers helper 1 Lambie, groomer helper 2 Lambie groomer helper 3

Not Just For Highly Aggressive Dogs!


A report by the CDC ( Center for Disease Control) states that 800,000 Americans seek medical treatment for dog bites every year, with 386,000 requiring emergency treatment. Of that 800,000 bites, 16,500 are work related. To read the entire report click here:


That is a lot of dog bites. Dog bites are extremely painful, cause lost days at work and in some cases, are career ending. I’ve never been bit by the highly aggressive dog. Mostly because I am on my toes and take precautions. I’ve been bit three times by some very nice dogs. I wasn’t paying attention to change in behavior or pain indicators. Many new to the industry may not have enough experience in dog behavior to notice these behavioral changes and some of us old timers become complacent. In two of those three dog bites, the Groomers Helper® would have prevented it. The third bite happened outside my mobile grooming van.


I would like to thank all of the unruly dogs that gave Beth such a hard time. Without the Groomers Helper®, Lambies only other option is sedation at the vet’s office. This is a tool that belongs in every grooming shop. For more information visit




I love the Groomers Helper and not just because I sell them! I have had so many groomers come to the booth at trade shows to thank Chuck for saving their hand or their face or allowing them to groom a dog nobody else could even touch. It is a product for every dog which is why the top professional groomers are using it, and the top schools are teaching with it. THANKS!

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