Oh no! Where's Fluffy? Part One
8 hour PetSaver Pet CPR, First Aid and Care Seminar in Sherman, CT

Dog Park Educational Series at New Milford, CT Dog Park

Dog parks are a wonderful place for dogs to socialize and have fun. But, like any playground, injuries can occur. Some minor, some not. After Kim Stempert lost her beloved Bandit to an injury at a dog park, she became inspired to repay back the kindness of her fellow park goers. They assisted her in getting Bandit to a veterinarian and offered support. She wanted to develop a program to educate pet owners in dog park etiquette and what to do when faced with an injury. Kim contacted Kelli Peet of Regional Animal Control, who in turn contacted myself and Donna Gleason. Donna is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and owner of TLC Dog Grooming in Sherman, CT.

Donna's job was to design the Dog Park Etiquette Program. Along with Kelli, she presented on: dog park pros and cons, being proactive vs. reactive when in a dog park, recognizing intercanine behavior, and how to prepare yourself (and dog) before entering a dog park.


Mine was to present a pet first aid demonstration on typical park injuries. My job was made easier thanks to the generosity of Kurgo, Blue Buffalo, and Candlewood Drugs in New Fairfield, CT. These community minded companies made it possible to give out pet first aid kits to all that attended. Kurgo, www.kurgo.com; donated their treat bags. IMG_0119
Like all their products, it is durable and the perfect size for a pet first aid kit. Blue Buffalo, www.bluebuff.com; and Candlewood Drugs, www.candlewoodrx.com; donated many of the items for the kits.

IMG_0098 IMG_0092 IMG_0094

These three companies donated enough so that we can do this program again at the New Fairfield Dog Park at the end of the month. I would like to personally thank them for helping to make this program possible.





This was a wonderful program. It would be wonderful if more people would get in the habit of learning about and getting first aid kits for their dogs. To many take them into the woods or along the beaches and assume nothing will happen. They are left not knowing what to do to help their dog. There are some good Dog First Aid Kits available.

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