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In June 2011, United Animal Nations changed their name to RedRover to reflect their continued direction and passion of this wonderful organization. Even though the name is different, their mission statement is the same.


“RedRovers mission is to bring animals out of crisis and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education.”


They accomplish their mission through their volunteers, programs, collaboration with other organizations, and maximizing online technology. Through their many campaigns, their goals are three fold: to prevent animals from being in crisis, bringing animals out of crisis, and mitigating situations of animals in crisis.


Preventing Animals From Being In Crisis


  1. My Dog Is Cool. This program is designed to save the countless pets die every year when they are locked in cars while owners, work, shop, visit, or run errands. At, you can download posters, flyers, and other materials to educate your community about the dangers of hot cars and pets. Last year, over 31,00 flyers were distributed. That figure does not include flyers that were  downloaded.
  2. Premarin Awareness campaign educates the public about this female hormone replacement therapy drug made form the urine of pregnant mares and the effect it has on the thousands of mares and their foals.
  3. A Better Choice helps people make better decisions in their lives that improves the quality of life for all animals. 
  4. RedRover Readers is a reading program geared towards children. Volunteers visit elementary school, after-school programs, animal shelters, and other venues to read books to children that depict the human animal bond and exposes them to the concept of kindness to animals. It has the added benefit of helping children develop critical thinking skills and empathy.


Bringing Animals Out Of Crisis


  1. RedRover Responders. Volunteers shelter and care for animals affected by natural disasters, criminal seizures; including puppy mills and dog fighting, and hoarding. If you are or know of someone in need of these services call 1-800-440-3277.
  2. RedRover Relief provides funding to Good Samaritans, animal rescuers, and pet owners due to life threatening situations through grants and other financial assistance programs.


Mitigating Crisis Situations Of Animals


  1. RedRover Reporters encourage people to be on the lookout for animal cruelty and left in locked, hot cars. They offer financial incentives for witnesses to come forward to testify.
  2. Providing educational opportunity and awareness through the community with:
  1. Events across the country. They offer training workshops, online programs, and are involved with pet related community events such as walkathons.
  2. Blogs about their programs and the animals they have assisted.
  3. Newsletters about upcoming programs and events sent to their members.
  4. In 2011, they issued 19 press releases to the media.
  5. They maintain a list of available downloadable publications including annual reports, It’s Hot flyers, disaster tips, and other educational materials.
  6. A library of videos detailing their programs and rescues.
  7. They have fully embraced the online community through Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube. You can also sign up for mobile alerts.


By The Numbers


In 2010, they responded to 11 crisis’, sheltering 2,769 animals. Their volunteers logged in over 5,400 hours. They issued 526 RedRover Relief Grants totaling $113.947. They made 214 RedRover Reader Visits that reached 1,685 children.


I’m proud to be a member and there are many ways to help support Red Rover. The first is by visiting their website at




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