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What Pawsitive Educational Training is.

Around this time last year I was teaching at Intergroom. I was getting a little annoyed that here I was at yet another trade show and was not able to take a class. I also realized that any non grooming continuing education on my part was being done via webinar. That’s when the lightbulb over my head began to flicker. I could not possibly be the only one who was at the trade shows and were involved in a booth, or competitions, or teaching, or had to pick between one or the other. What about those who could not make it to the shows? I loved taking webinars. I could take them whenever it was convenient for me and always have access to the recordings without adding to the clutter in my office. It also had the added benefit of a live class without the travel costs.


I designed a powerpoint, signed up for a webinar provider, and made several of my friends sit through endless versions of Salon Sanitation until I was satisfied. Rather than annoying the heck out them, I realized they were quite interested in the process and it’s possibilities. That was birth of Pawsitive Educational Training. 


When I first started writing my blog and speaking at trade shows, I had several experienced writers and speakers who welcomed me with open arms and offered hours of their time and friendship. I approached them as well as others who I knew to be passionate and knowledgeable about specific aspects of the grooming industry. 


Pawsitive Educational Training is not a business, it is a hub. We are a collection of some of the best and the brightest in our industry. We are independent of each other. We design our own programs, invest in our separate webinar providers, set our own prices, and choose our own schedules. The only thing that is mine is the website. 

For those who have never taken a webinar before, we have a link to a free "How To Take A Webinar", right on our homepage. So, come visit us at


I am proud to be part of this. The most awesome part of this is the way everybody helps each other out. A question or problem is presented and all help to resolve it.



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