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I have been grooming for about 14 years now and I have always been a cat groomer. Mostly because I like being around cats. I was very much in the minority as many groomers in my area wanted nothing to do with cats. Early in my career, there was not a lot of reference materials or educational opportunites for cat grooming. 

It's been wonderful to watch the evolution of cat grooming over the years. We went from nothing to having two professional associations:

1. The Professional Cat Groomers Association of America. Their certification is Certified Master Cat Groomer. I am proud to be the East Coast Chair. 

2. The National Cat Grooming Institute of America. Their certification is Certified Feline Master Groomer.

Both associations offer a wealth of reference materials and educational opportunities. The NCGIA also has a cat grooming school located in South Carolina. Many of the trade shows now offer cat grooming seminars in their lineup.

You can imagine how excited I was when Stacey Ward, aka Aunt Stacey, approached me about being a part of the first ever cat only grooming educational conference. Stacey gathered a handful of well respected industry experts who are passionate about compassionate cat grooming.

Join  Cat Guru's Daryl Conner CMCG, Stephaney Kemper CFMG, Mary Oquendo CMCG, Kim Raisanen CMCG, Kirstine Reynolds CFMG, Stacey Ward, and Sheryl Woods at The Cat Symposium at the HHBacker Christmas trade show in Chicago on October 12-14.

We are offering:

1. Reiki I

2. Psychology of Cats

3. Feline Anatomy and Body Language

4. Grooming For All Life Stages: Kitten to Geriatric

5. Holistic Grooming Without Restraint

6. Styles and Breed Requirements 

7. Crystals For Groomers

8. Location Options: Salon, Mobile, Veterinarian Clinic, and Housecall

9. Marketing and Business Developement

10. Skin and Coat: Safe Products For Cats

11. Nutrition For Optimal Health

12. Effects of Environment

13. Grooming Cats and Dogs Together

14. Working Partnerships with Veterinarians and Rescue Groups

15. Roundtable Discussion with The Cat Gurus'

All classes run one at a time, so you do not have to miss out on any topic. There will also be an opportunity for one on one private consultations with one of The Cat Guru's.

Visit our website at www.TheCatSymposium.com for more details. 

Check out our YouTube video:




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Pet grooming is important because it reduces your allergies, while keeping your pet clean and dander free. This is particularly important during winter and fall season, when you and your pet spend more time at home or other closed environments. Though cats naturally have good grooming habits, some messes are far too big for their little sandpaper tongues to clean up.


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